VIU2 is offering an all-inclusive lifestyle for you to enjoy without any headaches

Rental amenities

  • Wifi included.
  • Electricity and heating included.
  • No taxe and no condo fee.
  • Central air conditioning.
  • 5 appliances, including washer & dryer in your own unit.
  • No need for gym, yoga or pool memberships, pleasant teleworking space.
  • And more…

Our units

Type A

Rooms: 1 and 2
Areas: 970sq ft to 1461sq ft

Type B

Rooms: 1
Areas: 978sq ft

Type C

Rooms: 1
Areas: 850sq ft

Type D

Rooms: 1
Areas: 997sq ft

Type E

Rooms: 2
Areas: 1354sq ft

Type F

Rooms: 1
Areas: 825sq ft to 848sq ft

Type G

Rooms: 2
Areas: 1169sq ft to 1270sq ft

Type H

Rooms: 1 and 2
Areas: 1077sq ft to 1379sq ft

Now that we've piqued your curiosity, come and visit us and get acquainted with your new lifestyle.